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by Randy
(southern CA)

I have read with great relief that there is something I can do about a pending lawsuit with LRLO. I have read about the sneaky, underhanded methods used by these crooks. I intend to be just as difficult and "in your face", as I can get. I am being sued for about $6800.00 by Capital One.

My wife received the summons, on the 15th of March. The papers are dated March 2nd. Excuse me but there is a 13 day lag.

Today is March 17, 2011. I am marching down to the court today to file:

1. General denial to everything.
2 I will demand by (filing) that LRLO produce the original contract with my signature.
3 I will also demand to see the order from Capital One.
4. I will NOT call them or discuss anything with them.
5. I will go to the mandatory settlement conference.
6. More to follow.

Will let you all know how it's going.

I'm using these arguments based on Salina from San Diego

Thank you for this website.

Reply from;

Thanks for sharing your information Randy and we hope you are able to work this out. You may also want to talk with a consumer law attorney. If the debt collection agency has broken the law, you may be entitled to damages and your attorney's fees.

The coauthor of the California edition of Debt Collection Answers, Robert Brennan, has experience in debt collection lawsuits for consumers. His website is

Either way, we hope you're able to resolve this! Do keep us posted.

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