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by Catherine
(Santa Clara, CA USA)

I was called by mistake by this debt collection company who was trying to reach another person by my name. This has happened with other companies in the past few months, but I have never had to give any of my personal information to clear up the problem until this company called. Usually other callers nicely give an address or some other information and I then tell them that is not me, and they hang up.

I tried to get this company to remove my phone number without giving any personal information but they hung up on me.

I called back and finally gave the last 4 digits of my social security number and age so they could verify that they were not seeking me.
They were very rude to me, interrupting me and yelling at me.

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Jul 03, 2010
debt not yours
by: Gerri and Mary

Catherine -

We hope you will file a complaint against this company with the Federal Trade Commission at You certainly shouldn't have to put up with a rude debt collector for a debt that is not yours. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Jul 03, 2010
Cease and desist
by: Anonymous

It will cost you about $5, but if you write them a letter telling them to stop calling you and send it certified mail, that should stop it. If they persist after that, you can sue them and may be able to get some money out of it.

Jul 13, 2010
"Legel Recovery Law Offices"how 1 consumer beat LRLO and CapitalOne in court-ebook $14.99
by: Anonymous

I would recommend buying a book at He is the only person known to have ever have defeated them in court. He dismissed it with prejudice and is now suing them. The book is 187 pages full of his documents,answers,motion to compel,how he got it dismissed with prejudiced. $14.99 could be 2 days of starbucks. HE sends you a link of the book online. Fight back,do not let them torment you

Nov 02, 2010
Legal Recovery Law Offices
by: Anonymous

I just BEAT LRLO and had them fined?.$$$$ all without an attorney and at NO Expense.

Do not panic. Do not talk to them. Do not provide anyone with anything about this! You are the defendant and it is LRLO's burden of proof - so make them prove it and don't give them any help...DO NOT COMMUNICATE with them at all.

They will bury you in paperwork, that is ok - keep it all and read it...most of it is fluff and a judge will see right through it.

They will harass you with calls, hang up.

This is what you do:

1. Go to the court house and file a complete 100% denial. There are 5-7 good responses but the ask the most important ones; that LRLO provide two things that the JUDGE cares about

The CONTRACT (w/your signature) that he says you have breached with Capital One

The CONTRACT that Capital One NA has given LRLO that authorizes them to collect this debt.

2. Go to the MANDATORY Settlement conference, LRLO will not show but they will send you a settlement offer in the mail within a few days...keep it. Show it to the Judge when it is your day in court that this is their MO?.NO SHOW and scare you into paying with paper.

3. Go to the Trail Conference/schedule ? pre trail set up. Ask the Judge to dismiss w/prejudice (he won't) but ask anyways on the grounds that this is not yours and LRLO has not provided any EVIDENCE that it is yours. LRLO will send a sit in Attorney that will know nothing about you or the case....but will try to negotiate before the pre trail-DO NOT TALK TO THEM?..Also ask the JUDGE to impose sanctions on LRLO for not showing up to the MANADORY Settlement Conference. Let them schedule it for trail, remember LRLO is hoping you will not show up.

4. Go to the Trail and be ready to make LRLO PROVE you breached a contract providing the Contract you signed with Capital One and the Contract Capital One gave them.....oops they can't. BUT, they will provide an affidavit of a person who says these things are true, bla bla bla ? Judge will see it as a cookie cutter and fluff. OK they show up with the two DOCS?.THEN say ok, I guess it is mine, didn?t know about it?.contract says I can have arbitration?.request that?.they have to give it to you. LRLO will not follow you there as it cost them to much money.

LRLO?s entire gig is that YOU WILL NOT SHOW and they will be given a default judgment. Be STRONG, take the can even get the court fees waived......make him pay I did ? they were sanctioned for not showing up to the MANDATORY Settlement Conference (pretty good fine). If you search the web you will see in CA alone 27 people are suing LRLO....This firm is illegally EXTORTING MONEY from people who are down and out....bad karma!

THIS IS NOT HARD ? you can beat these guys?.Just DO NOT Talk to them, follow your courts procedures and be there ? they are counting on you being a coward and not showing?.show them different.

Jul 09, 2011
Debt discharged in bankruptcy 1992
by: Anonymous

LRLO was trying to claim I owed money on a Citibank personal loan, which, after talking to Citibank, was a Visa card that had my old address and phone number, a place I had not lived at for 16 plus years. This was discharged in the finalization of a bankruptcy in 1992. In speaking to a lawyer, this company has several complaints against them, and has been or is currently being sued.

Aug 16, 2011
Without anything!@!
by: Anonymous

Can't pay crap! Have no house, no home, no car. Lost everything! Until I build up again they will receive something if I really do owe the debt?

AT this moment just looking for a place to rest my head and a full garbage can.....

May sound made up to you if you are in a different secure position, but for me it is very sad and true.

Stop calling me, 858-576-0200!

Aug 27, 2012
Default Judgment against LRLO
by: Anonymous

I filed a cross-complaint alleging that LRLO breached the contract. They defaulted on the cross-complaint. I have an entered default. I want to seek a default judgment but am unsure what damages I am entitlecd to BESIDE loss of wages and filing fees. Need some help ASAP. i'm hoping that this will get their attention and i can try to settle.

Feb 17, 2014
leaal recovery solutions
by: Anonymous

These people from Legal recovery services ,have been calling me and leaving threatening legal action also ,but as your other e-mailer they have the wrong person.

I think there should be criminal action against them. It tells me they are bunch of idiots that cant get the right person. I will not even answer this call let alone give any part of my personal id.

Reply from

Have you read our page about debt collection for the wrong person?

May 08, 2015
illegal process of service
by: Anonymous

14 months after a judgment from LRLO I received a supeona duces tecum for bank records and employer records. The proof of service was bogus, the description was not me to whom he supposedly served the summons. Because this was the first of my knowledge there was a hearing, I tried to get it vacated within the 30 days I became aware of the judgment. The judge didn't see it my way, although the proof of service was a blatant lie. The subpoena for records was also even mailed to my neighbors address. The judgment was twice I believe the card was worth, and the card expired in 2010.

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