Legal amount of time for ex-spouse to have name removed from vehicle

by Jason
(Houston, TX U.S.A.)

I separated from my ex on August 24, 2009 in San Diego, CA. It was a cut and dry separation, only thing between us was an auto loan. Divorced was finalized on June 15, 2011 in TX. In the time between that, me and my ex had verbally agreed on her removing by name, whether she refinance or sell vehicle. She kept on giving me excuses such as she was going to the bank the following week, or her paperwork was submitted and waiting on bank. Come to find out nothing had been attempted, she told me she was going through financial hardship, although she was/is still making on time payments.

My question is this: She was awarded by the courts of TX the responsibility of the vehicle (with no specific time frame listed in paperwork), how long (if any amount of time) does she have to remove my name from the auto loan from date of divorce.

She has had 2 plus years to get this taken care of. This is killing me on FICA score and preventing me from getting my own vehicle. Thank you in advance.

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Oct 20, 2011
Legal amount of time for ex-spouse to have name removed from vehicle

I recommend that you consult with a divorce attorney there in Texas about what your options are. The problem is that from what I understand, your divorce paperwork does not specify by when your former spouse must do what she promised in regard to the vehicle, and there is no law in Texas that I am aware of that establishes such a time limit. Therefore, you really need to get the advice of an attorney about what to do. Be sure that you bring a copy of your divorce agreement to the meeting. The help of a divorce attorney should not cost a lot and hopefully will resolve your problem quickly.

Good luck!

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