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by Gale

Because this people are lawyers they are trying to bully me into answering questions that I know I don't have to answer.

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Jan 05, 2012
court date
by: Judith Olson-Moniz

I have recently received a court date notice to appear at the district court for small claims I guess I was informed by a debt collection agency help agency they cannot help me in my situation but I was informed to write a certified letter to the Law offices Howard Lee Schiff P C I have to cancel my court date I called the court yesterday 1-4-12 and they informed me to call the Law Office which I will today also send a certified letter today.

I have to reschedule the court date because I am recently having radiation treatment for breast cancer and I am unable to keep this appointment I know maybe to this agency along with Midland Funding LLC this is probably a not good enough excuse for the cancellation and rescheduling I will probably not survive the cancer and therefore not able to pay the debt also I just wanted to let someone know that I did send a check to Law Offices and it was sent back to me just because so they apparently refusing some payments This posting is just in case I am refused the request Thank you for your time my email is (deleted for privacy) also I was also informed by the debt consulting firm to state I am retired and living on a pension monthly no other income coming in.

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