late medical bill put in collections.

by kevin

I had gone to the hospital and my insurance information was not put thru. I pulled my credit report and 8 months later the bill has shown up on my credit AS A COLLECTION . I've called the medical provider and my insurance company and submited the claim. Is there a way to get it deleted from my credit report. I live in FLORIDA AND IT WAS FOR 259.00 before insurance?

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Mar 09, 2012
late medical bill put in collections

You can file a dispute with whichever credit reporting agencies are reporting the information. There are three such agencies -- Equifax, Experian and TransUnion -- and so you should review your credit history with each company to determine if the information you want deleted shows up in each report or just in the one.

You can file your dispute/s online, but I recommend writing dispute a letter (Make a copy for your files), sending with the letter copies of any information you may have that backs up what you claim in the letter, and then mailing everything certified mail with a return receipt requested. The mailing address to use should be on the web site of the credit reporting agency.

When you file a dispute, the credit reporting agency must contact the supplier of the information to determine if the information you are contesting is correct or not. And it is supposed to let you know in writing the results of its investigation within 30 days.

If the provider says that the information you are disputing is inaccurate the credit reporting agency is supposed to correct your credit record. If the provider says the information is accurate, then the information will remain in your credit history.

If the credit reporting agency's investigation determines that the information you've disputed is inaccurate, order another copy of your credit report from that same agency a month or two later to confirm that the information was in fact corrected. The process does not always work as it is supposed to.

If you are unable to get your credit record/s corrected, you may want to hire a consumer law attorney who helps consumers with problems related to the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act. Remember too, that most negative information can only be reported for 7 years and that over time, that information becomes increasingly less important to creditors assuming everything else in your credit history is positive.

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