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by Amanda

My 1 month old son received emergency treatment on the 10th of July 2010. He at the time had coverage under Texas CHIP perinatal,so I supplied his details to the hospital. On the 22nd of September 2011;I got approximately a 10000 dollar bill from the hospital, I called the hospital to understand what had happened, but they refused to speak with me, said I had to deal with their collections dept,cos the debt was over a year old, on the 25th of September 2011

I got a notice from the collection agency,I called and was basically told that the claim was not filed until a month ago and thus was denied by CHIP for untimely filing,so I had to pay the outstanding. I asked why it wasn't filed on time and why I was just receiving a bill, the guy said the hospital checked online and couldn't verify my son's chip ID, hence did not bother to file with chip, and as to why I was just receiving a bill,he claimed the hospital was busy with other accounts. What can I do to rectify this please?

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That should be illegal shouldn't it??

We don't have a specific solution to your problem, but it may be that the hospital's contract with CHIP requires them to bill within a certain time period or be out of luck. Have you tried contacting CHIP? Ask them specifically about any requirement for providers to bill in a timely fashion.

This is a state health program right? If the above doesn't work, call your state representative or one of your Senators offices in Washington and ask them for help. They often have staff members who help constituents cut through red tape with government programs.

Another option is to try contacting The Access Project which helps answer questions about medical billing problems for free. (Health care is their expertise so they have more information than we do about specific solutions.)

Will you let us know how this turns out?

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