Late father's wife is trying to take my car

by Sidney
(Warner robins , Ga USA)

My father signed for a car with me. He passed and a few weeks ago and his wife has taken his full estate after having my dad change his will. I just want to keep my car that I paid for. Can she take me to court and make me sell it? I traded my only car to get it. We don't get along and she has been nasty since my dad got sick. We are in Georgia.

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Our condolences for your loss. Just because your father cosigned your car loan doesn't necessarily mean he owned part of the car. Was he on the title? Were you both on the title together? If you were the only person on the title there shouldn't be an issue, though if there is a balance you'll want to make sure you let the lender know he passed and that you will continue to make your payments.

If you were both on the title together, then his wife may have a claim to his share of the value of the vehicle, and could potentially force a sale if you can't reimburse her for that portion. If that's the situation, we urge you to consult a consumer law attorney to find out how you can best protect your interest here.

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