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by Lettie

In 2002 my debt was delinquent at Scotia bank Canada. It went to collection in 2002. I started paying a law firm hired by the bank to collect the money. It was three different accounts. I just finished paying a total of 18,000 to cover the 3 accounts. I got a copy of my credit report and noticed that one of the account was off my report and the other 2 was still on with a last activity date of 2006 with zero balance. I found this strange because all 3 accounts went delinquent in 2002. Can the law firm change the last activity date? I thought it was the date the bank hand it over to the lawyer in 2002 for collection. What can I do to fix this?

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Jul 20, 2010
Credit report question
by: Mary & Gerri

Our site addresses the laws that apply to debts acquired in the US. We also sometimes address credit reporting issues related to those debts. We are not informed about the laws in Canada that apply to debts acquired in that country nor do we know anything about the credit reporting laws of Canada. Therefore, we suggest that you talk to a personal finance expert in your country or to a consumer law attorney in your area.

Sorry we cannot be of any help to you. Good luck getting your question answered!

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