large Medical debt

by Tina
(Charlottesville, VA-USA)

I live in Virginia. The last three years I have been paying off a debt of $17,000 for Physicians fees from the birth of my last child. It's now down to $5,400. During this time I have been repeatedly told that this was the only debt I had on both the hospital side and physician side. Last week I called to ask my pay off balance and was told that I had an additional $35,000 in debt owed to the hospital from the birth of my son 7 years ago. I was told that it was a culmination of a lot of little bills (co-payments, etc.) that had been wrote off by the hospital but then reinstated. They have taken my stated taxes and I was under the impression that this was going to my bill I was paying. Is this legal? Is there anything I can do about this debt.

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