Just this mourning I was contacted by a collection agency!

by Gwen
(Sacramento, Ca,US)

I live in Californian,the original bill $2952.00, now they are asking for $3900.00(?)because they turn it over to a collection agency? The test EEG was never called into Insurance company for verification of payment.I was told the Dr. office would do this.

The insurance company denied because test was "unnecessary."I had been working with the billing dept and keeping them updated on the progress with the denial/appeal process. I kept appealing until BC/BS told me I couldn't appeal any longer.

Dr. billing dept told me to "wait" before contacting an attorney until they tried to appeal. Those where the last words I heard from them in March of 2011. I would of never would of had expensive test if my insurance would not pay. I was not told of the cost of the test before I took the test. I assumed the ins.had been called.

I'm on disability and no extra money. I lost job of 20 years, on disability Aug 1,2010. Test date 3/31/2010

Before I was insured for Medicare, I went to a Neurologist MD. She put me through many test. The insurance company was never called to verify if they would pay for these test. I have been in the process of appealing the denial over and over. I just got a call from a collections agency asking me to pay up the $3900.00 and it's going on my credit report today! I have appealed this many times and have been working with the billing dept. ( I thought). The insurance co. denied again because test where unnecessary. (BS/BC Anthem) How was I to know that?

Where can I find out what rights I have? How do I go about resolving this? Any suggestions?

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Aug 16, 2011
Medical billing problems
by: DebtCollectionAnswers.com


We sympathize with you. We think the medical billing system is broken and yours is a good example of that. You can get a written estimate of costs before your car or roof is repaired - why not when you are going for expensive medical procedures?

It sounds like you've been trying to do all the right things. We have three suggestions for you:

1. You can get free help analyzing this bill at Cureabill.com. We suggest you take advantage of this service.

2. If it turns out that you do owe it, you may want to first get a consultation with a bankruptcy attorney to find out whether you are judgment proof. If you are, you may be in a good position to negotiate a favorable deal with the collection agency.

Read: What it means to be
judgment proof

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