A company filed a suit against me and sent a letter September 2010. I responded to the company in a timely manner to keep from going to court. An agreement was made between myself and the company to make a monthly payment of $50.00 until the debt was paid. This agreement was made in September 2010. I have been making those payments..I got two months behind but I paid the past due amount(June, July-2011). I recieved an credit alert and seen where the judgement was added to my credit on November 6, 2011 after a year has passed since the file. It was sent to equifax and esperian. A Rep from this company stated that they only send information to equifax and not esperian. The rep also claimed they did not send this item to my credit that the courst probably did. I called the court system and a clerk stated that there is a young woman who comes in and does that paper work but they do not know her name.

Does a company have a time frame to submit a negative item to your credit after a agreement has been made to repay the debt outside of court?

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Feb 10, 2012
by: Debtcollectionanswers

I am not aware of any such time frame. Some creditors and debt collectors report negative information to the credit reporting agencies right away, others take longer and some don't report the information at all.

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