Judgment Against Me, But I Was Not Served

by David
(Lancaster CA Los Angeles County)

How much time do I have to protect myself from a debt collector suing me. The debt collector filed a suit against me June 2008, they the servicer claimed they served me. I was never served. In fact when I went to the court house the servicer said in his affidavit that he served me personally at 8:02 pm February 12th 2008. I wasnt at home nor in town. The truth be told he claimed he served a 6ft 300 Asian with black hair. I am 6"3 240lbs Moorish American. They claimed to have served my home with an apartment address such as 2540 Game Ave Apt 22, when I live at 2540 Game Ave no Apt. So I am not sure whom they served.

They some how got a judgement against me. I found out because the collectors of the debt ( 4th party at this point) sent a letter to my home after it had went to some apt address in my neighborhood.

Do I have time to fight this case? If so how.

Thanks for your time.

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Sep 01, 2011
Judgment Against Me, But I Was Not Served
by: Debtcollectionanswers.com.com


You need the advice of an attorney and I am not one. Given that you say that you were not served properly and that there is a judgment against you as a result, you may a legal recourse but that is for an attorney to determine.

You may want to contact Robert Brennan, who is a consumer law attorney in the Los Angeles area who has extensive experience handling debt collection-related cases. He also happens to be the co-author of the CA edition of our book, Debt Collection Answers. Go here to get our ebook Debt Collection Answers.

You can contact Brennan for a free initial consultation at 1-888-452-6665. For more information about him, go to http://www.socaldebtcollectionabuse.com.

I recommend that you act right away. Good luck!

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