Judgement supposedly issued, but not on my credit report?

by Alice
(Ridgefield, Wa)

In November of 2009, I received a letter in the mail from collection agency XX stating that a judgment had been issued against me (relating to a credit card bill that is now about 8 years old). It is now November of 2010, and I have received nothing else in writing from them since that letter. I no longer have the letter; however, I did just pull all three of my credit reports today, and there is nothing in any of them that shows a judgment. (I checked the big three). Added to that, the credit card debt is so old that it doesn't even show up on my credit report any longer. There is also nothing from collection agency XX in my credit reports.

I am afraid to contact the collection agency directly, and I have no idea what to do. Can you give me advice on where to start? I live in the state of Washington.


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Nov 05, 2010
no record of a judgment
by: Gerri

I am not sure what to make of your situation Alice. On the one hand, the fact that it's not on your credit reports is a good sign, since the credit reporting agencies are usually very good at picking up these things. But on the other hand, if there is a judgment against you and you don't know it, the collection agency could have additional means of collecting from you.

There is a website for the Washington Courts that allows you to do a search of court records - http://dw.courts.wa.gov. If that doesn't turn up anything, you may want to try calling them, explain your dilemma and ask them for advice on how to thoroughly search the records. If there is no judgment then you may be fine, but do be sure to check it out carefully.

And if you do hear from this collection agency again, please be sure to save the correspondence, of course.

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