Joint bank account

by anna
(williamson county, illinois)

My roommate and I had a joint bank account to pay bills from. She passed away last month without family or insurance. I was NOT listed on her credit cards, but my name is on the joint bank account checks. Can the credit cards companies come after me for her debt?

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Dec 29, 2010
Joint Bank Account and Debts
by: Mary

So sorry about the death of your roommate. As for her debts, you are not responsible for paying them because she incurred them, not you. Therefore, her creditors have no legal right to look to you for payment. However, it's possible that the creditors could get permission to take money from your joint bank account to pay those debts under the assumption that at least some of the funds in the account are your former roommate's. Therefore, I suggest that you pull your money out of the account right away, leave her money in the account, and open up a new account for yourself. That way, your money will no longer be mingled with your former roommate's. If you leave your money in the account and her creditors take what is yours, you could get the money back, but you would have to prove the amount that is yours which could be time consuming and a hassle. The approach I am suggesting is much cleaner and easier.

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