J.C. Christensen and Associates

by Lindsey
(Des Moines, IA)

I have a medical bill for $1,300 that was sent to J.C. Christensen. I know that I owe this debt and want to pay it. I called them and said I would like to set up a payment plan. She said my only option was to pay it in full. I said I am not able to do that. I can pay $100/month. She said she had my credit report in front of her and that I have a credit card that will take care of the balance. I said I don't have any open credit cards. She said it is a Wells Fargo Credit Card and I payed a $100 payment on it last month. I said that is for a furniture store and she said no it isn't it is a wells fargo credit card. I said I have the card in front of me and it says on the back that this is issued by wells fargo.

Then she said, We are not a financing company. You owe us money and need to pay it. You have the means to pay it and need to pay the full amount today. I said how do I have the means to pay it? She said you need to borrow the money from your bank, take out a credit card or find another way to pay. I said that isn't a possibility. I am willing to pay you $100/month towards my bill.

She said the reason you were sent to our company was because you wouldn't pay your hospital bill. I said I was in the hospital, sick and not working.

My priority was to pay my rent so I didn't get evicted from my apartment. Then she said, so you're refusing to pay your debt to us? I said no I am trying to work out a payment plan and I am not refusing to pay. She said ok then how would you like to take care of the full balance? I told her again that I could not do that. She said then you are refusing to pay and I am going to note that on your account. I said if not paying the full amount means I refuse to pay, then yeah I guess I refuse to pay.

Now I am thinking are they going to try to get a court order against me? I don't want to open a credit card, but in the long run would that be my best option? I would obviously pay more in interest, but if it means they won't take me to court or put a bad mark on my credit report, then it would be worth it. I know I have read where they try to bully you into doing things like borrowing money to pay it. Can you give me any advice about what their next steps will be?


Reply from DebtCollectionAnswers.com:

Lindsey - "Refusal to pay" is a bogus threat that means nothing. We recommend you listen to this link where we discuss refusal to pay and other debt collection tactics.

As to what they will do next, they will either a. try to continue collecting b. put your debt at the bottom of the pile to try again later c. sell your debt to another collection agency or d. sue you. It's hard to say exactly what will come next.

But remember many collection agencies will settle debts for less than the full balance. That may be a good way to get this behind you. Read our page about how to settle collection accounts for less than you owe.

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Jan 23, 2015
turn her in
by: Anonymous

If I were you I would call and speak to a supervisor. I owe a debt to them and they are willing to take payments from me, so I would turn her in and ask for an arrangement you can pay. I pay 100 a month and have never had any problems with them.

Mar 09, 2015
JC Christensen & Associates early debits
by: Anonymous

I pay my debts. But they TAKE money out my account DAYS EARLY before I get paid. I set up my own payments. If I understand correctly collection agencies are not suppose to save bank information BUT THIS ONES DOES!

Jan 06, 2016
Good experience but not lately
by: Anonymous

I've always had a good experience dealing with them in the past. Honestly I rather dealt with them then the medical practice my bill were sent from. But lately I've had a bad experience with a lady from there today. I am not familiar with her nor do I trust her. I did not feel she was experienced and/knowledgeable in her job.. she used forced and basically told me I was refusing to pay at the end of the conversation after I told her I wasn't comfortable with the payment arrangements she had stated. I wanted her to work with me because my intentions were and always had been to pay it off. I asked for her supervisor and she said she is now my case worker!! Either I pay them in full or she will mark it in my record that I was refusing to pay. I told her I am refusing because she was an ass hole and to have someone else call me instead.

Jan 10, 2016
No reports back
by: Anonymous

I been paying them $45.00, they been okay with me. I do believe they will work with you. I'm working to pay several off due to a very hardship that came upon me. However I would advise others to check your credit report, I have found many wrong things on mine. I'll be glad when its paid but I hate they don't send me a report each month, so I'm going call them about that part.

It will work out if we all just try to work with each other in this world of troubles.

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