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by Sue

What does it mean if "COMPLIANCE CREATED: COLLECTION REQUIRED BY: 02/02/2012" is on your credit card lawsuit? Does this mean that after this date they can not collect?

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Are you sure they are suing you? Or is this a collection letter? We aren't familiar with that specific term but we're not attorneys so we can't offer legal advice.

That language doesn't sound like anything that would let you off the hook for the debt after that date. It sounds more like a demand to pay by that date.

Our feeling about debt collection lawsuits it that most people don't need to go it alone. Many of the times the debt collectors can't prove that the consumer owes the debt because the documentation isn't there to back it up. An attorney who regularly represents consumers in these lawsuits may be able to help you. It doesn't hurt to get a free consultation with a consumer law attorney to find out.

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