Item not shipped - a debt?

by Alex

I bought some items and paid for them and for shipping via Paypal. The seller turned out to be a scum and lies that he shipped the items. He tells different stories but can't provide any proof. I have his invoices Paypal for the shipping which I paid several months ago (so I can't claim in Paypal). Can it be treated as debt so I can try to get my money back with collection agency? Seller is in KY and I'm in Russia.

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Apr 26, 2015
Debt for items not shipped
by: DebtCollectionAnswers

While you could try to turn this over to a collection agency, unless it is a very large amount it will be difficult to find one willing to take it on. In addition, if this person is a scammer as you say, the collection agency will not likely be able to collect either. I think your best bet is to continue to complain to PayPal and hope they can provide some assistance, or at least stop this person from scamming other people.

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