Is this legal?

by Susan D
(Panama City, FL)

My daughter received notice of an outstanding charge for cancelling her University of West Florida Housing Contract in December 2010 as opposed to staying there and completing her spring semester in 2011. She left the college because she had a major bipolar episode and could not function properly in college at that time. Per the collection agent, ERS, the bill says that she owes $625 to UWF and since she listed our address & home phone way back when, the debt collection agency is bugging the crap out of us (her parents). I told them that Sarah is in the hospital & they asked for what. I said that it was none of their business and the nasty man said that he would just have a sheriff find her in the hospital, then. Before I could say another word, he cut me off & hung up. My daughter is in a dual treatment facility for Bipolar Disorder and a substance problem. It is very serious. Having them "track her down" in this hospital/facility could be detrimental to her health. Is this legal? I wanted to ask him to have a bill sent here to our address, but he has cut me off twice when I called to request this.

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We are sorry to hear what your family is going through. We are going to have to suggest you talk with a consumer law attorney about this one. We doubt they can or will try to track her down in her treatment facility, but we won't say it couldn't happen, and we are just not familiar with what happens in this situation.

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