Is there a way to clean you credit report if you have charge off accounts?

by lyly

I have some accounts that went to collection and was wondering is there any way to delete the main account? Why should there be two accounts with different account numbers? It's now showing more accounts because of the double accounts. And what makes it worse they show up as new accounts when they go over to collection accounts. please help as i'm really trying to clean old stuff from my credit report.

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We go into this in more detail in our ebook Debt Collection Answers, but the short answer is that only the original account from the original creditor, plus the most recent collection account for that debt, should appear on your credit reports. The original account should show a zero balance if the collection account is also appearing.

The balance on the collection account doesn't really matter - it's negative whether there is a balance or not. We are not just trying to push you to get the book, but we have written a lot more about how collection accounts on credit reports work, and what you can do about them. But even if you don't, you do want to dispute any accounts with inaccurate information - especially related to the original date of delinquency which is what governs how long they can remain on your credit reports.

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