interest rate on medical bills in OR

by Pamela
(Coos Bay, Or)

I am needing to know the interest rate a collection agency is allowed to charge me in the state of OR. Thanks

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Jan 08, 2014
Doctor Bill Interest
by: Janice

I have a collection company calling me about a past due doctor bill I owe. They said I am being charged interest on the balance but the doctor office said they are not charging interest but this is how the collection company makes their money. It appears they are trying to charge me $105.21 interest. Is it legal to charge interest on doctor bills in Jacksonville, FL? If so what percentage rate can they charge?

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Typically collection agencies are allowed to charge interest on collection accounts. The amount varies depending on the contract and state law. Unfortunately we don't know specifically how much can be charged in each individual circumstance.

Jun 17, 2012
interest rate on medical bills in OR


A collection agency can collect interest on a past due medical debt you owe as long as the contract you signed when you first incurred the debt with the medical provider, or the law in your state, provided for that charge/s. Therefore, I recommend that you locate a copy of your agreement with the medical provider and see what it says you can be charged if you do not pay your bill. If it does not say anything about interest, contact the consumer protection office of your state attorney general or the office of a consumer law attorney near you who helps consumers resolve their debt collection problems to find out exactly what a collection agency can charge.

If you learn that the collection agency is not entitled to charge you interest or is charging you a higher rate of interest than it's supposed to, you may want to contact a consumer law attorney because the agency is breaking the law.

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