Interest on debt

by Consuelo
(Madison WI)

I recently found out that i owe $3808.00 from 2005 when my son was born at the time i didnt have insurance,i wasn't notified. however when i called to take care of my resp. they are now telling me i owe over $4,500.oo. Can the collection dept charge you intrest?Is there a way that you could get that reduced?

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Feb 20, 2012
Interest on debt

Yes, the medical provider is entitled to charge interest on an unpaid debt. You may be able to get the amount of interest reduced, but it would almost certainly have to be in exchange for you either paying the $3808.00 in full in a lump sum or you and the hospital agreeing to a plan that would allow you to pay what you owe over time. However, it's also possible that the provider will refuse to reduce the interest that has accrued on your debt. For more information on medical debt and your options for dealing with it, go here medical debt collection.

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