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(Manchester, NH)

They made an arrangement with me over the phone, never sent me a confirmation (after pulling $$ from my bank account). They have taken payments monthly since & I get the notices after they've taken $ from my account. Their letter says to contact them before making a payment if paying in full.

I have tried to call them and the phone numbers on their letter, but I only get a busy signal - for almost a week now. They went & pulled the remaining balance from my account (several thousand) and it's not in my account yet.....again, I have been calling them to tell them this, but can't get through on the phone. Within a week, they pulled the amount again!

It has now put my checking account in arrears, fee's etc etc. If they would just put the correct (actual) phone number on their letter, I could have reached them as instructed and resolved this. I just found a WORKING phone number on this website!!

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Feb 25, 2014
by: Anonymous

First off, collection agencies are a hassle. Second off, YOU need to learn how to SPELL before you bash on someone's situation! How do YOU know if she is lying or not?? I am trying to pay off a small debt but the agency gave me an incorrect address to pay it online. Now I am having to call them again. (Asset Recovery Solutions)

Oct 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

Their number can be found online easily. Anybody who has called a collection agency knows it's not alawys easy to get thru due to alot of people alawys calling so it's best to call in the morning or late evening. My problem is your not being truthfull. You had to have made an agreement with them to take funds from your account which included dates and amounts. They don't just willy nilly decide how much or when. They want your money so what good would it do them to guess when the money will be availble. Be honest. Your just mad you have to pay back your debt.

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