Income Garnished for another person taxes

by John
(Gastonia, NC, USA)

My Daughter, who doesn't reside in my home failed to pay the Vehicle Property tax on a Vehicle she traded-in on a new one. I received a Notice of Garnishment on a Saturday afternoon via general mail and subsequently viewed my weekly wage statement (same day) which reflected garnishment has already began from my wages for the tax owed by her. My problem is I am not in any manner attached to the vehicle.

Do I have legal recourse against the County for this action as it firstly deprives my monies and also leaves a degrading remark on an otherwise unblemished credit record of 35-40 years which will hinder future endeavors I pursue?

Reply from

John - We don't know what the procedure is for you to straighten this out in your county, or what your recourse is here. But if you can't navigate their system yourself you can consult an attorney or ask your county elected official to help you straighten it out. Sorry we can't be of more direct help.

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