in debt and want to get out

by todd

Due to past mistakes i ignored my bills for the last 15 years giving myself a 375 credit score now I'm like 60 grand in debt. How do i get a 700 credit score and how long would it take? I'm 40 years old and only make about nine bucks an hour, not to mention 5 years of 29% child support deducted from my check every week so no money to save. And that debt has no credit cards one big student loan an auto loan and the rest medical. I'm in desperate need of relief.

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It does sound like you are in need of relief but unfortunately we don't have any simple answers here for you. As far as the debts are concerned, the first question is whether any of your student loans are federal loans. If they are, you should go to and apply for the Income Based Repayment Program. It's one of the few options available for crushing student loan debt. If your loans are private loans, however, you may not be eligible.

You don't state how much medical debt you have, but if it is a substantial amount then you may need to talk with a bankruptcy attorney and consider filing for bankruptcy to get a fresh start. Bankruptcy may also be able to help somewhat with the auto loan, depending on your circumstances.

It also sounds like you need to try to find better paying work. We realize that's a whole lot easier said than done, but if there are any resources available to you through state or local government agencies for job training etc. we'd encourage you to try to check them out.

It's not an easy situation you are in by any means, and it sounds like it will take some really heavy lifting to dig out but we hope you can find a way to turn things around.

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