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First, my husband and I filed for bankruptcy about 11 years ago. We did not successfully fulfill the obligations of the Chapter 13 and therefore, our case was dismissed. One of the creditors filed suit. In which we were never served because we had moved to another city (over 350 miles away). A judgment was issued and we had no idea. They located us in another city in FL where they served us and we went to court for settlement. Well, we never paid anything to date. Then my husband’s real estate property was levied and sold. The court were the judgment took place has NO record of the levy. Nor any updates of cost for the property that was levied. This company was aware of our current address but send the levy information to our formal address. We have been to court once after the levy and explained to the judge what happened with documentation in our hands. They were to resume court at a later date. The date has never came. Then 3 years letter another lawyer contacted us and we explained what this company (Cadle Company) had done. I have received numerous of harassment calls and finally called last year to report this company for their deceitful tactics. Now, we have property in Georgia and they have filed a foreign judgment. The first court were the judgment was originally filed has NO record of anything thus far. I need to know what steps I can take to stop this company for being deceitful! We did receive documentation from this company a while back stating we owed NOTHING $0.00 but I believe it was by accident. They refuse to disclose any amount in which the real estate property was levied for….. I DO NOT want to pay them a dime due to their deceitfulness and thinking they can just do people any damn way. This company is well known for their deceitfulness. We own property in Georiga, this company is trying to have a Foreign judgment domesticated. I have written to the Judge that I fear this company as a result of their illegal measure of the legal law. I do not live in the state in which they are trying to domesticate the judgment. In order to protect myself. I contacted an Asset Protection attorney in the state they are trying to domesticate, where I completed a LLC and transferred the deeds of my properties. We do not out right own any property-- they all have a mortgage. My husband and I feel that this company may win… What can I do protect myself and family from this company who is well known for their illegal tactics? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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We're sorry but we aren't attorneys and you'll really need to talk with an attorney about this. We'd like to help but it's beyond our expertise.

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