Illegal Collection Attempt?

by Elease
(Houston, Texas)

I received an email from National Recovery Services LLC out of Kansas that claimed they have my authorization to charge my account on December 9th for over $400. The problem is I have never heard from them and did not authorize them in anyway. What should I do?

Here is a copy of the letter:



Dear ,

NRS File Number:

Payment Confirmation

This letter is to confirm the payment arrangements for your MyCashCenter LLC account, which is due on 12/9/2011. Your payment amount is $470.95. Thank you for your attention to this matter. The amount of $470.95 is due and will be withdrawn with your posted dated account information. You have authorized for this payment to come out on 12/9/2011.

If these funds are returned for any reason, your account is subject to any applicable returned fees as well as an OFFICIAL REFUSAL STATUS with our company. Further, your previously made arrangement will become null and void and your balance will be due within 24 hours after receipt of the returned payment.

Thank you,
Reply from


If we were in your shoes, we would get a free consultation with a consumer law attorney right away. If the debt collector is stating that you agreed to payments, but you did not, then it could potentially be an illegal attempt to trick you into paying the debt.

And by the way, OFFICIAL REFUSAL STATUS is a meaningless term. It's a term that collectors often like to use to try to get people to pay something right away. You may want to ask the attorney about that as well.

Keep in mind that under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, debt collectors are not allowed to misrepresent the character or status of a debt.

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