I was never told of a court date!!!

by Vero
(Phoenix, AZ)

I by myself made a contract that went defaulted due to no job, for that reason I cannot get a divorce no money anyway, I was the only one that signed that contract and early this year I was summoned with my name and a John Doe as well. I responded to the lawyer saying that I am a single mother and I live with my sister and could only pay 50.00 per month he responded saying that wasn't enough and sent me a garnishing letter the funny thing is he didn't garnish my paycheck but my husbands. We have been separated for more than 5 years and do not have bank accounts together the only thing is the house. Is that even legal? Because my husband was never named in the summons until I received the letter of garnishment I never even received a letter to appear in court.. Is this lawyer doing everything by the law or not I am in Arizona?

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Jan 07, 2011
garnishment of husbands account
by: Gerri


We would really encourage you to do two things.

The first one is to at least read the first chapter of Debt Collection Answers online for free so you will have an overview of your rights when dealing with this debt collector.

The second thing we recommend you do is to go ahead and talk with a consumer law attorney to find out whether the debt collector broke the law. This is a very serious situation, and if the debt collector did break the law it may be responsible for damages as well as your attorney's fees.

Find out how to get FREE or low cost legal advice about debt collection from a consumer law attorney here.

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