I paid the debt collector, now the company is billing me??

by Kris
(Northampton, MA, USA)

I received a letter from a debt collector dated 30 August 2011. It stated the amount owed $1,048.94, $998.94 for the credit card (capital one) and $50.00 for court fees as I also received a summons to appear in court for the same debt. I called the debt collector, the Law Office of Gary Kreppel P.C. on 19 Sept. 2011 and spoke with Stanley N. DeHaan, Asst. Collection Manager, who agreed to settle the debt for $825.00.

I borrowed the money that afternoon, deposited it in my bank account, and called the office back with the payment. I was told the account was closed and I would receive correspondence in thirty days, once payment was set, etc, stating the account was paid.

Today I received a bill from capitol one saying I owed interest for July, Aug, Sept (2), and October along with a $50.00 court fee. Looking at the summons, it is clear that the balance was $998.94 and the court fee was $50.00, there is no gray area about that. As far as I'm concerned the account is paid in full. Again, I spoke with the collections office on 19 Sept. and the court date was Sept.21st so there was no significant period of time between them giving me the balance and me paying it.

Had this gone to court and had it been settled there for this amount, they couldn't come back and invoice me for anything else so I don't believe they can suddenly do it now because a deal was reached before court. I live in Massachusetts, can you please tell me if I'm on the right track? Your help with this matter is greatly appreciated.

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This is why we tell consumers never to pay a collector until you have a written settlement agreement in hand stating exactly what will happen. (We also don't recommend you allow them to take money out of your bank account, but instead pay by cashier's check or similar method.)

It sounds like you have proof that you paid the collection firm. Have you presented that to Capital One? What did they say when you presented them with that information? It sounds like you need to go as far up the ladder as possible at Capital One to get them to clean up their records on your account. Or tell them you'll get your own attorney.

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