I paid the amount the attorney for the creditor insisted on

should the attorney for the credit card company issue a dismissal? Instead the court issued a default....2 weeks after I paid in full

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Mar 01, 2011
Paid Amount Attorney for Creditor Insisted On
by: DebtCollectionAnswers.com

I am not totally clear about the problem you are writing about. I am happy to help you if I can, but I need more detail about your situation. So, please provide a clear explanation of what your problem is.

Mar 22, 2011
Collector Not Honoring Agreement
by: DebtCollectionAnswers.com


Yes, we would recommend you consult with a consumer law attorney. They can either give you advice on how to handle this in court, or they may advise you that the debt collector has broken the law, and if so, help you understand how to proceed.

You can find a consumer law attorney in your area through NACA.net

Please do let us know what happens!

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