I owe my ex husband the equity in our home

by Phyllis
(Des Moines, Iowa)

In my divorce decree i was ordered to pay my ex-husband half of the equity in our home. It is now past due. I'm trying to get a loan to pay him but with the economy and the mortgage industry changes, i don't know if i can get a loan. I don't want to sell my home because it needs some updating and with the drop in values i wouldn't make anything on it. What can I expect if I cannot pay my ex and what would my options be for payment? I would be willing to make payments to him and keep trying to get a loan. Can I be forced to sell my house?

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Sep 15, 2011
I Owe My Ex Husband the Equity in Our Home
by: Debtcollectionanswers.com.

I am not a family law attorney, but I do know that the terms of a divorce decree are legally binding on both parties. Therefore, if one former spouse fails to comply with the terms of the decree the other ex spouse is entitled to take legal action to enforce those terms.

If you are on good terms with your ex, you may want to see if the two of you can discuss your situation and come to an agreement about how you can pay the debt that you owe to him. If you are not, then I recommend that you meet with the divorce attorney who handled your divorce to discuss your options and let the attorney contact your former spouse. If you did not use a divorce attorney, then I suggest you find one in your area to consult with about your situation.

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