I need info on a credit card question please...

by Shannon
(St. Mary's, GA. US)

I have not worked since 1994...

I was sent a credit card form in the mail back in 2008. I filled it out.. where it said INCOME.. I just put Hubbys above that.. well they sent me a credit card. 10,000.00 card.

Now years later.. and I still have NOT worked since 1994.. and I am in the process of a Divorce... I got a letter in the mail from this credit card company.. saying I Owed them 19,000.00 interest.. attorney fees, court costs.

I explained to them about my Husband not being ON the Card....they were a lil Mad about How I got the card... then I was TRYING to make amends and asked them so who do I put on this Money Order..and she asked for the Amount.. which was only $45.00. I was told really fast.. I cannot take no 45.00 payment on a 19,000.00 account.

So my question are.... Do I have to Pay them..? for the loophole of How I GOT The Card.. without my Husband Knowing, and without a Job... and I TRIED to make a Payment.. explaining everything to the Lady(ie. my divorce) yet was Refused my Payment.

Please someone Help!!

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