I live in south dakota but my company is based in philladelphia.

by Rachael
(Sioux Falls, SD, USA)

Today I got a garnishment notification from the sheriff saying they are going to garnish my wages for an old medical bill. However the garnishment is for old job that I know longer work at. I work for a company that our office is in South Dakota but it's a very small office with about 5 employee's including myself. Our paychecks come from the main office in Philadelphia. Do I need to worry about these people garnishing my wages at my new job? HELP!!!

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Jan 28, 2011
wage garnishment notice
by: DebtCollectionAnswers.com


Yes, you do need to be concerned here. Once they discover that you are no longer with that employer they may try to garnish your wages with your current employer.

Don't be embarrassed about this - it can happen to anyone. If you can, let the human resources department know what's going on and ask them to notify you if the firm tries to garnish your wages. (They will be doing so under South Dakota law, since that's where you live and work.)

In the meantime, we would recommend you talk with an attorney to find out what they can and cannot do to you to collect this debt. You can contact a local consumer law attorney with experience in debt collection cases. Find out how to get FREE or low cost legal advice about debt collection from a consumer law attorney here.

Many bankruptcy attorneys also offer a free consultation if you are worried about a wage garnishment.

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