I did not include a debt in my bankruptcy

by Angel

I was discharged for a no fault chapter 7. I asked my lawyer what happeneds if I didn't know I owed some one money and it was not filed under my bankruptcyand he told me any debt I had no matter what before I filed could that all I had to do is take my discharge paper and they can not do any thing to me is this true? Please help

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Aug 28, 2011
I did not include a debt in my bankruptcy
by: Debtcollectionanswers.com.com

I am not a bankruptcy attorney, but it is my understanding that if you do not include a specific debt on your Schedule of Debts -- one of the documents that must be filed with the court to begin your bankruptcy --it is not discharged in your bankruptcy and therefore you still owe it. Do you think your bankruptcy attorney understood your question? Perhaps you should ask him/her your question again.

If your attorney continues to give you the same answer, I suggest that you contact another bankruptcy attorney and ask the same question, just so you can be 100% confident about the status of the debt you did not include in your bankruptcy. Another option is to contact the clerk with the bankruptcy court where your bankruptcy was filed.

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