Husband and Wife's Debt

by Dave
(Orlando, fl)

My wife owes a debt that I did not sign for. Can they collect from me because we are married?

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Dec 28, 2010
Spouse's Debts
by: Gerri

Florida is not a community property state so you are not automatically liable for your wife's debts. However, if she is sued, it may be possible for creditors to go after joint assets. (I am not certain that is the case in Florida, so it would be something you would want to consult an attorney about.)

If you can tell us a little bit more about your wife's situation with these debts, then perhaps we can point her in the right direction.

Dec 28, 2010
Spouse's Debts
by: Dave in Orlando

She got a store credit card in Dec. 2009 and bought a few thousand dollars worth of products. She was making some payments and even $500.00 in Feb. 2010, but nothing since. She has been hounded by collection calls. Even 5 on Mother's day. Her hours have dropped and she can't make the payments. I'm juggling my own situation, so I can't help.

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We're really recommend you talk with a bankruptcy attorney to find out what the collector can and cannot go after in its attempts to collect from your wife. We're not suggesting either of you need to file, but the attorney can review your situation and help you understand what may (or may not) happen if she can't pay.

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