My husband is receiving letters and bills from HSS COLLECTION AGENCY in Cliffside Park, NJ 09010.The name on the bill is correct but they have the wrong person. I have called repeatedly and left messages but my calls have not been returned. Finally, one day I was able to speak to a receptionist and she ask for the acct number on the bill. She ask for my husband's birth date, so I ask her to give me the date instead. She gave me the date and it was about 30 years off, She said she would give the information to whoever takes care of the acct. Now he got another bill again yesterday. This is defiantly not my husband. For one thing it is for medical charges 3000 miles from us. He has never even been to that state.


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Feb 04, 2012
by: Debtcollectionanswers.com

Your husband's problem is not unusual. It typically happens when two people have the same or similar names.

I recommend that your husband send the collection agency a cease contact letter, also known as a cease and desist letter, stating that the debt being collected does not belong to him and why -- wrong person, wrong birthdate, fact that medical services were provided miles from where he resides in a state he has never visited, etc. -- and stating that he does not want to be contacted about the debt again. Your husband should include his contact information in the letter too.

Tell your husband to make a copy of the letter for his files and to send the original via certified mail with a return receipt requested. File the return receipt as well.

If he continues to get calls and letters about the debt after the letter has been received, your husband should consider talking to a consumer law attorney
about what to do next because the debt collector will have violated the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). That law says that once a debt collector receives a cease contact letter he can not continue contacting a consumer about a debt other than to let the consumer know about any additional actions the collector plans to take to collect the debt -- file a lawsuit for example. The attorney may decide that your husband has grounds for a lawsuit.

Good luck resolving the problem!

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