how to stop collection letters for someone else that does not not receive mail at my address

by Kelley
(Orange, VA)

A man who may have live here at one time is still using our address to open new accounts in his name. I found out after receiving in the mail a new cell phone bill.

I called as we don't use the cell phone provider and it was not addressed to anyone living at our address. Turned out he opened the new account using my address. First bills come by mail and then afterwards would have been sent via his email address.

He was still using this address and we were thanked for reporting the in correct mailing address. Upon further investigation it appeared he had open other new accounts under his name as recent as a couple of months ago. We have lived here a little over 6 months.

I have notified the post office, cell phone company and now some of the lawyers / collections offices. That our mailing address is not any of these people and no more contact to our address or phone. By using the return addresses located on the letters I sent certified.

Then electric bills for someone other woman came to the house followed by what appeared as a collection letter. You could tell by envelope info on the outside. Finally debt collection calls for the same woman.

We have used the same hospital and electric company the past residences have been receiving collection letters. I am concerned that our address will be blacklisted by so many past residence that have defaulted on loans, utility bills etc using our same address. While living here or even afterwards and the companies still under the impression that they are still residence of the address in collections / past due.

Some people search sites already have me by maiden name and my family members as related to these dead beats and their family. Though we are not related and share no other similar addresses but my current one.

We also had received phone calls for emergencies for the dead beats and others. None of which ever had our phone number just they assume because it's listed at our address they once had or use.

The calls have stopped finally. We need our landline and need it to stay publicly listed. Since I can not be located by my married name on people search sites or class mate type of sites. Anything else we can do besides move or pay money each month to have our number private?

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Nov 20, 2013
how to stop collection letters for someone else that does not not receive mail at my address

What a hassle! Unfortunately, I don't think there is much more that you can do to resolve your problem.

I would definitely continue to notify any company that contacts you about the debts that are not yours that the individual who owes the money no longer lives at your address. Also request that the company delete your address from their records. It's best to do all of this in writing.

Also, I don't think you have to be worried that your address will be "blacklisted." You would have cause for concern if the man who owes the debts was using your name or social security number, but that does not seem to be the case.

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