How to get ex wife's Victoria Secret Credit card off my credit record

by Diego
(St. Louis)

I didn't open the account. She put me as an authorized user, I never used it, we got divorced, she got the bill in the divorce. She hasn't paid it, she won't pay it... how do I get it off my credit report! HELP!

Reply from

It is a good thing you are an authorized user and not a joint accountholder. Authorized users are not legally responsible for balances and it's easier to get these accounts removed from your credit reports than if you were a cosigner.

If you haven't done so already, dispute the account with each of the major credit reporting agencies. If they come back confirming the information as "correct," the contact information for that card issuer should be listed on your credit reports, and you can dispute the account directly with the lender.

Please read our information on how to dispute credit report errors.

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