How to Get Credit Card Judgement Removed?

by Arnold
(Lubbock, Tx USA)

I have a credit card judgement filed 9 years ago for under $3000. What can I do to have this removed from court records?

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Under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, a judgment may be reported for seven years from the date the judgment is entered, or the governing statute of limitations, whichever is longer.

According to our resources, the statue of limitations for judgments in Texas is 10 years. We are not attorneys, so please do not take this as legal advice. In most states, a judgment can be renewed if it has not been paid. We don't know whether the the judgment creditor or will make the effort to renew it.

It sounds like this may be coming off your reports in about a year or so. Just keep in mind that the creditor may try to renew it. Either way, while the judgment is still valid, it can try again to collect from you.

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