How Soon Can A Medical Office Send An Account To Collections?

by Debbie
(Vancouver, WA)

I received a call that my account would be sent to collections that very day if payment was not received that day. This was on May 25. Debts were for a $20.00 co pay from March 15, my portion of surgery not paid by insurance on April 15 (insurance paid in May - I had waited to see what my portion was) and a $20.00 copay from May 21. They said they had to collect it all as a bundle or it would go to collections, even tho part of it was only 4 days old. Is this legal?


Reply from Debbie,

Wow! It's not typical for a medical office to send an account to collection that quickly, and it certainly doesn't seem like a good way to treat patients!

We aren't aware of any law that would prevent them from sending a past due account to collections, but we are not attorneys and can't say for sure whether there is a state law that applies. You could certainly talk with a consumer law attorney.

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