How often do collectors levy bank accounts?

A credit card company took 350.00 from checking account on j9/20/2011 then then six months later took 60.00 out. My question is, how often do they dip into your account? Do they check to see how much money is in account first? Does the bank know what is exemp (like SSDI and unemployment)?

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That's an internal decision of the bank, and we have no way of knowing what their policy is.

While your exempt income should be safe, if you are comingling it in an account with other funds, you may run into problems. You may want to have your exempt funds go into a different account than the one in which you put non-exempt funds. We're not saying that will totally protect you, but it may help if there are problems.

Finally, you don't explain why your bank account is being garnished, or the amount of debt you owe, but if you are having trouble paying back debts you may want to at least talk with a bankruptcy attorney to learn about your options.

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