How Far Back Can A Debt Be Collected?

by Ray
(Wallingford CT)

I got a call from an agency that said they represented Verizon wireless and that I had a past due amount with them, going back to 2001 for $1907.04. I did have an phone with Verizon but changed plans around that time. I'm sure i paid the bill off but I have no records going back that far.

In addition, it was a single phone plan, the bill was never more that 60 or 70 dollars a month. I would never have run up a bill that high. I asked for proof just to buy some time, I have to submit a request for it in writing. Can they go back this far in time? How will i be able to prove its paid off?

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Jun 21, 2010
Old Verizon Debt in Collections
by: Mary & Gerri

Wow, that must've been a shocker! No need to panic though. You did the right thing by asking for verification of the debt, and we would encourage you to go ahead and request that in writing. If they have already sent you something in writing, then you are allowed to dispute the debt and request verification. While you're waiting for that verification, you can investigate your options for dealing with this debt.

According to our sources, the statue of limitations for most consumer debts in Connecticut is six years. So we think there is a very good chance that even if this debt were legit, that it is outside the statute of limitations and is too old for the collector to successfully sue you to collect. (It is too old to be reported on your credit reports as well.)

However, we are not attorneys so we do recommend that you check with your state Attorney General?s office and/or a consumer law attorney to confirm the statue of limitations.

If this debt is outside the statute of limitations, then you can send the debt collector a letter telling them that you don't believe you owe the debt and that the debt is too old. You will find our advice on sending a cease and desist letter to a debt collector here - it should answer your questions about that.

We also recommend that you read our e-book Debt Collection Answers, but if you cannot order for some reason than we would in current you to at least read the first chapter online for free so you have an overview of your rights when dealing with this debt collector.

We hope you find this all useful, and we hope you will come back and let us know how it turns out using the comments link below.

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