How Do I Work With Them?

by Amy

I have a company calling me for a college tuition bill from over 2 years ago. I paid the college directly not even 30 days after hearing about it, but the company keeps calling me claiming I owe them. I asked for a itemized statement in writing to find out what exactly i owe and why; however the "bill" they sent said only "fees."

After much harassment from one particular rep I was cowed into paying a portion, then didn't hear from them until now. I've read up on my rights since then and am shocked that most of the behavior I was subjected to was not only inappropriate but considered illegal.

How do I go about dealing with them this time around? I don't want to deal with that harassment but I refuse to be forced into paying a nonexistent bill again.

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Feb 03, 2011
student loan harassment


While student loans don't carry the same consumer protections as other types of consumer loans, third party collection agents who collect student loans are required to follow the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and often state laws as well. Harassment is prohibited under that law.

You've tried to work with them and they haven't been reasonable. It's time to get tough.

We would really encourage you to do three things:

1. Go ahead and at least read the first chapter of our ebook Debt Collection Answers - it's available to read for free. It may alert you to other problems with this collection agency's tactics.

2. Make sure you keep detailed notes each and every time you talk with the collection agency. Free Debt Collection Worksheet to take notes.

3. If you suspect the debt collector has illegally harassed you, talk to a local consumer law attorney with experience in debt collection cases, or call the Collection Complaint Hotline at 888-711-5183 for a free, confidential case evaluation. There is no fee unless you recover so there is really no reason for you not to at least find out what your rights are.

Please do let us know how this turns out!

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