How Can I Fix This?

by ken

If i sold a car and it gets towed but did not contact txdot and a collection is in my name how do i fix this? And what can the debt collectors do and not do?

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Jan 22, 2010
debt collection on auto
by: Gerri


If I understand you correctly, you sold your vehicle but did not officially transfer the title through your state department of transportation. The vehicle was towed, the owner did not pay the bill, and a debt collector is trying to collect from you. Is that correct?

If so, you are in a tough spot. The first thing you must do immediately is get the title out of your name. You'll have to contact the Texas Department of Transportation. This is essential. Please don't wait any longer. I don't know the specific laws in Texas but in some states, if the buyer gets in an accident, the seller can be sued as the owner of the vehicle!

Because you are the owner on record, I am not sure you can get out of this debt. You may want to see if the Texas Consumer Complaint Center can assist you. They offer free help for residents of Texas at

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