Hospital bills not mine

by Robin
(East Palatka, Florida, USA)

A woman went into the emergency room West Marion Ocala Hospital ,Florida on 3/30/2013 she had no id on her I was told when I called she just gave then the same name as me and the Nurse pulled up the data base and pulled the first Robin Evans and it happened to be me, so I am getting bills from the hospital Physician Services the Radiology Associates and The Ocala Heart Clinic for this woman's bills. I have called all three places and told them and the hospital that they are billing the wrong person, They told me to just keep sending the bills back and write on them not my bill. Now I have got a letter from a bill collector from one of them. I am a Veteran and only use the VA and never have been in the Ocala hospitals.

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Nov 04, 2013
Hospital Bills Not Mine

I would do a couple things. First, I would send a letter to each of the medical providers that have been sending you bills to explain that you never received the services you have been billed for and that as a Veteran, you only use Veteran facilities. Direct each letter to the specific individual who is in charge of billing for the facility to whom you are writing. (Call and get the name of each manager.) Also, attach to your letter a copy of the bill/s you've received from each facility.

Before you write those letters however, I recommend that you send a letter immediately to the collection agency that has contacted you. Your letter should clearly state what you wrote in your question to us making clear that the debt is not yours. In the letter, be sure to reference the specific debt you are writing about.

Make a copy of the letter for your files and send the original to the debt collector via certified mail with a return receipt requested.

If the collector continues to pursue you and especially if you are threatened with legal action, I recommend you consult with a consumer law attorney right away. (Your initial meeting will probably be free.) The attorney may recommend that he or she write a letter to the collector. Often, receiving a letter written on an attorney's letterhead will get action when a consumer's efforts have gotten no where. Such a letter should not cost a lot. Good luck!

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