hospital bill

by mackayla
(Thompson, IA)

can a hospital take your tax refund for a bill of when you went there when you were under the age of 18? can they really hold you responable for that bill?

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Apr 25, 2012
hospital bill

The hospital is not legally entitled to seize or intercept your tax refund as a means of getting payment for your past due no matter how old you were when it provided you with medical care. Furthermore, if you were younger than age 18 when you received the care, you are not responsible for paying the debt -- your parents (or legal guardians) are. This is because you would have been considered a legal minor at the time and minors cannot enter into contracts. Only adults can.

If you have received a bill from the hospital demanding payment, contact its billing office to let it know that you were a minor at the time of service and ask them to send the bill to your parents.

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