Homeless and Judgment Preventing Me From Renting

by Kristian
(Montgomery, Al)

I am homeless. I have a judgment on my credit report that is now being disputed and the judgment is preventing my from providing somewhere for my kids and i to live what can i do?? I have spent over $480 dollars in application fees due to applying for Apartments that state that they can get me in an apartment regardless of the dispute, and yet i am continuously getting denied because of that.

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Feb 07, 2011
judgement problems
by: DebtCollectionAnswers.com


We are so saddened to hear about the difficulties you are having getting back on your feet. Unfortunately, we don't have any easy answers for you. As long as the judgment remains unpaid, it will likely cause you problems since landlords or prospective creditors may worry about whether the judgment creditor can go after wages etc.

You don't mention the nature of your dispute over the judgment or how you are trying to resolve it, but it can be very difficult to vacate a judgment on your own. If you are simply trying to dispute it with the credit reporting agencies, you may find it difficult to get them remove it as long as it is still a matter of record with the courts.

Without knowing more, the only suggestions we can make are to try to exhaust every resource you can for getting housing assistance. In addition, filing for bankruptcy can eliminate a judgment (not from your credit, but from owing anything), though it does take money even to file for bankruptcy.

Maybe some other readers will have some suggestions for you. Please hang in there.

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