Home Loan in Limbo

by stephanie

When does the time run out on trying to collect on my home? Finance company has not tried to collect or foreclose at all. It has been 10 years since this was brought to light on problems with the loan and 4 years since the accident insurance paid its final payment on loan.

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Oct 26, 2010
more information please
by: Gerri

I am sorry, I don't fully understand your question. What were the circumstances that led you to stop paying on your home loan. What insurance payout are you referring to? Did you have an attorney involved?

Can you please provide additional information and we will see if we can point you in the right direction. Please use the comments link below.

Oct 26, 2010
home loan in limbo
by: stephanie

The loan was financed in 1996 and i had accident and health insurance on the loan to pay payment if i got hurt or sick. In 1998 i got hurt and had to quit my job. Filed insurance with finance company and turn in doctors form. They got the payments. In 2000 the adjuster came to my home to update file,that was when i learned it was not paying but 400 towards the 758 a month payment. Leaving me a balance of 358 I was unaware of. Nothing was said about it or was I ever giving a notice.The loan was do to be paid off October 26,2006. I have tried to work this out with them and each time they want me to agree to pay more than was ever owed.

I have tried to get attorney around here but they tell me I have been done wrong but none will do anything. There is a lot more wrong with this loan and others that are with them. I need help and trying to research what I can. I am on disability and tried to get help thru legal aid but they say this is to big for them to handle.

Oct 27, 2010
home loan in limbo
by: Gerri


Ugh. It truly sounds like a mess. Normally my advice would be to tell you talk with an attorney. It sounds like you've already tried to do that.

Unfortunately, your situation is beyond our area of expertise and since neither Mary nor I are attorneys we don't want to steer you wrong. If you think you are up for it, you may want to get the National Consumer Law Center's Foreclosures manual and see if you can research your own defense agains the lender. It's available here:


Perhaps it will also give you enough information to convince legal aid to help you.

I wish I could think of another resource for you, but I hope this helps.

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