Holding wife's credit rating hostage for husbands medical debt

by Michael/Susan
(Lebanon, Indiana)

My credit has been terrible since filing bankruptcy, and I have an outstanding medical bill at the hospital, it has gone into collections. My wife had a procedure done and kept filing insurance forms, and then heard nothing about it, until getting a collection letter.

We have had problems the last 2 years with mail delivery, the post office has admitted to the problem and it is in the sorter system so our mail goes to another address regulary and they have agreed to state as such.

When my wife applied for a loan we saw that the collection company had put a mark on her credit for the $155 bill that was paid the moment we found out about it. We saw that occasionally you can get this removed by calling and reminding them that it was paid.

My wife was told that they can remove it, but I have to pay MY bill to do so. We have asked for it in writing and they have stated in the letter that if I pay X they will restore her credit. Is this legal? Can my wife's credit rating be held hostage for my medical bill?

Reply from DebtCollectionAnswers.com:

Unfortunately, we aren't aware of any laws that make it illegal for them to try to cut that kind of deal. No company is required to report to the credit agencies, so removing information is also optional.

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