HOA trying to collect excessive late fees!

Hoping you can help. I live in an HOA neighborhood that bills $300 annually for storm water drains upkeep/repair. This last year I kept setting the bill aside and before I knew it it was about 3 months past due and they sent me to collections. The original $300 bill had turned into $590 -- $100 for the collections agency and $190 in late fees! Totally accept that I did not pay in a timely manner, and I immediately paid the full $590, a painful and expensive lesson. However, they are STILL billing me for additional late fees and want another $190. I say enough is enough, it's an HOA for Pete's sake and they already made plenty of extra money off my late payment. Can they really sue me like they are threatening? Just seems ridiculous and petty.

I very much appreciate any advice.

Reply from DebtCollectionAnswers.com You'll need to look at your association bylaws to find out how they calculate late fees and interest. Then, if you think they are excessive you'll either have to research the issue yourself or talk to a real estate attorney to find out whether there are limits they can charge for these fees. Unfortunately that's not something we have information about.

We understand why you are upset - we would be too - but sometimes you have to pick your battles. HOAs can sometimes put liens on your home if you fall behind on your dues and I am sure you don't want that to happen.

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