Her Medical Bills

by Chris

I am being taken to court for bills that were deemed the responsibility of my ex-wife in our divorce settlement. These bills were incurred for care of her and her minor children which are not biologically mine.

I appeared in court as per the initial summons. They determined judgement against her because she did not appear and I disputed the debt. I was told to file an answer within 14 days. I need an example of the correct format and procedure to do this.

Also, initially they sent the summons in her name only at my address. When I contacted them and informed them she did not live here and informed them of the divorce decree, they sent another summons with her name whited out and replaced with mine. Is this appropriate?

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Nov 27, 2011
Her Medical Bills
by: Debtcollectionanswers.com

I am not an attorney nor am I familiar with the rules and the procedures in the court where the lawsuit is taking place. Therefore, I suggest that you contact the clerk for that court and ask if that office can provide you with an example of the correct format for your answer and explain the procedure for filing it. When you call you should also ask about the summons you received because again, I do not know what is okay and not okay in the legal jurisdiction when the lawsuit was filed.

You may also want to consider scheduling an appointment with a divorce attorney in your area. (If you worked with a attorney when you got divorced, that would be the person to meet with.) The attorney can advise you about your rights, tell you what to do and no do in court and even help you complete your answer. Acting as your own attorney is usually not a good idea and so at the very least, you ought to get some up-front advice from one. You are more apt to achieve a better outcome if you do.

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